Compact Dredges
Compact Dredges

Small, compact, mini dredge that removes mud, sand, silt, leaves, and seaweed from around docks, boat lifts, etc.

Our small dredge system uses a 3 pump system. 1 main suction pump and 2 auxilliary pumps. The main pump is a 3" diaphram pump that has the ability to pass solid objects up to 2.4 inches.

The suction and discharge hoses are all non-collapsible 3" hoses. A 4' x 8' floating platform holds the pumps and can be easily pulled around behind you in the water or you can make the platform stationary using the supplied spud bar.

There are many options available for pumping discharge water and sediment into Geotextile Bags on the ground or in a trailer. Please contact us for information.

We have been perfecting the design of this dredge over the last 3 years, and are very experienced in its many applications for seaweed removal and small dredging projects.

Anyone can use and operate this dredge due to its simplicity.

For more information or to purchase, please contact us:

Phone: 574-518-0341

Cleaning the shoreline with a compact dredge.

Our compact dredge can be connected to Geotextile Bags for sediment storage and removal.

Our compact dredge can be used with a trailer for sediment storage and removal.

Patent Pending 2009